DIY Data Science

Data Analysis

Coursera: Computing for Data Analysis

Roger Peng, Johns Hopkins University - Completed 10/2013

Coursera: Data Analysis

Jeff Leek, Johns Hopkins University - Completed 12/2013

Python for Data Analysis

Wes McKinney

Machine Learning

Coursera: Machine Learning

Andrew Ng, Stanford - Completed 1/2014

Stanford: Machine Learning

Andrew Ng

Caltech: Learning from Data

Yaser Abu-Mostafa, edX

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing with Python

Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper

Natural Language Processsing for the Working Programmer

Daniël de Kok & Harm Brouwer

Text Processing in Python

David Mertz


Think Stats

Allen B. Downey

Think Bayes

Allen B. Downey

Udacity: Introduction to Statistics

Sebastian Thrun


Coursera: Introduction to Databases

Jennifer Widom, Stanford

Learn SQL the Hard Way

Zed A. Shaw - Completed 9/2013


Interactive SQL Tutorial - Completed 9/2013

Data Visualization

UC Berkeley: Visualization

Maneesh Agrawala

Rice University: Data Visualization

Hadley Wickham